Different types of Salt

Himalayan Pink Salt

Himalayan pink salt was formed over 250 million years ago. It is hand mined in the Himalayas in Pakistan and is believed to be the purest salt available. It’s unrefined and is rich in minerals such as iron, potassium and magnesium. It ranges in colour from white to pink to red.

Use as a cooking salt or finishing salt

Sea Salt

Sea salt is an unrefined and additive free. It is hand harvested from coastal salt flats and then sun dried. It is rich in essential minerals.

Use as a cooking salt, baking salt or finishing salt

Hawaiian Sea Salt

Hawaiian sea salt is rich in minerals and can be red or black in colour. A natural mineral known as Alaea (a volcanic red clay) produces the red colour whilst added charcoal produces the black colour.

Use to season and preserve. Works well with pork, ribs and seafood. 

Seasoned Salt

Seasoned Salt is available in various flavourings such as garlic, onion, chilli and lemon.

Use to season. Select a flavour to complement meat, fish or vegetables.

Smoked Salt

Smoked salt is infused with a smokey flavour by smoking over a wood fire. 

Use to season. Complements meat, chicken, fish or vegetables.