Electronic Salt & Pepper Grinders & Mills

We offer a wide selection of electronic salt and pepper grinders and mills. For an easy life in the kitchen or for an attractive addition to your dining table try one of our electric salt and pepper grinder sets or electric salt and pepper mill sets. If you want the added benefit of a light then pick a grinder or mill with a built in light. See our full range for electronic salt and pepper mills with light.

Our No.1 Best Selling Grinder with light is the Russell Hobbs 12051-56. See below for full details on this cost effective, high quality and versatile grinder. Over 250 customer reviews rate this grinder as 4 or 5 star.

If you're looking for a battery powered salt and pepper mill or a battery powered salt and pepper grinder then check out our full range. A battery operated salt mill or battery operated pepper mill is a faster and convenient way to grind sea salt or grind peppercorns.

Or why not try a rechargeable salt and pepper mill. We offer the Peugeot Elis rechargeable mill which is the ideal solution for those wishing to use rechargeable batteries.

Electric grinders are practical and stylish. Buy one now on our secure online shop.