Salt & Pepper Shakers & Pots

We offer a wide selection of salt and pepper shakers and pots. Our styles include traditional, contemporary, mini plastic and vintage. If you're looking for something quirky then check out our novelty sets.

Our traditional range includes classic timeless designs whilst our contemporary range offers modern salt and pepper shakers. Or for retro salt and pepper shakers take a look at our vintage range.

Check out our new Jamie Oliver range.

Our traditional range includes a large selection of decorative salt and pepper shakers including ceramic salt and pepper shakers, porcelain salt and pepper shakers, metal salt and pepper shakers, silver plated salt and pepper shakers, clear glass salt and pepper shakers, plastic salt and pepper shakers, pewter salt and pepper shakers and bamboo salt and peppers shakers. Our brands include Premierhousewares.

Our contemporary range includes shakers and pinch pots with lids in black, white, black and white, glass and chrome.

We have a number of funky condiment sets to choose from. Our ranges include:

Cats and Dogs – cute cats and a wide variety of dog breeds including Labrador, Terrier, Poodle, Spaniel, Collie, Westie, German Shepherd, Jack Russell, St Bernard, Westie, Beadle, Dalmatian, Siberian Husky. New Foundland, Pug, English Setter, Corgi, Boxer, Pointer, Basset Hound, Rottweiler and many more.

In the Country -  a collection inspired by the British countryside with farm animals and British wildlife including badger, fox, rabbit, red squirrel, otter, wild boar, sheep, pig, horse, donkey, duck, hen and many more.

On Safari – an exciting range with wild animals from the jungle and plains. Our sets include tiger, giraffe, zebra, elephant, hippo, leopard, rhino, monkey and many more.

In the Wild -  a cute range with well loved wild animals from North America. Our sets include bear, wolf, moose, wild boar and many more.

Birds and Butterflies – a colourful range with wild birds, sea birds and bright butterflies. Our sets include kingfisher, penguin, puffin, robin, wren, goldfinch, owl, nuthatch, gold crest and a beautiful butterflies.

Floral – a pretty range with beautiful flowers.

British Themed – inspired by British icons such as a phone box and a red double decker bus along with salt and pepper shakers decorated with the Union Jack Flag.

Designer – a colourful and playful range from Alessi designed by Stefano Giovannoni. Choose from Mr and Mrs Chin, Bananas Bros, Paradise Birds, Magic Bunny and Lilluput

Christmas – traditional Christmas themed sets including Santa Claus, Christmas trees, Christmas pudding and lots more.

Wedding – a romantic collection including bride and groom, hearts, hugging, love bird of course Mr Salt and Mrs Pepper. The collection includes salt and pepper sets which are ideal as Wedding Favours. We have individually boxed sets in multiple packs. 

Our mini range is ideal for holidays, camping, a picnic or as a travel set. They are small with a flip top lid and waterproof. We also have a miniature range made from glass and chrome with mini sets of 12 being excellent value for money. 

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