The Best Salt & Pepper Grinder (or Mill)

We very often get asked what is the best salt and pepper grinder (or mill). Below are some tips on what to consider when choosing a grinder:


  • Is it an attractive design?
  • Is it easy to use?
  • Is a made from a material that is attractive and hard wearing?
  • Is it easy to clean?
  • Is the grinding mechanism hard wearing and resistant to rust?
  • What can it grind?
  • Does it have an adjustable grinding mechanism?
  • If electronic then how is it powered?
  • How long is the warranty?
  • Is it value for money?


Our No.1 best selling grinder is the Russell Hobbs 12051-56 Salt & Pepper Grinders (Battery Powered)

Over 250 customer reviews rate this grinder with either 4 or 5 stars

The main features are:

  • Stainless steel with ceramic grinding system                                                                      
  • Easy 1-touch operation and adjustable grinding system for individual tastes
  • Light illuminates food to be seasoned
  • Can grind coarse salt, peppercorns, herbs and spices













Customer Reviews

A selection of useful comments from customer reviews are:


  • Highly attractive electric mills
  • Very well built and are very adjustable
  • Can be adjusted to give a fine or course grind
  • It is easy to fill
  • The connections to the lamp in the salt mill have become corroded
  • I highly recommend spending the little bit more to get top quality
  • I also like the little cup stand they sit in to keep your table or counter free from ground salt & pepper
  • They are sturdy, they grind well, and are straight forward to fill and change the batteries
  • I couldn't figure out how to reassemble them after putting the batteries in