What is Pepper?

Pepper is a pungent spice. It comes from a pepper plant. Pepper plants are perennials which are grown mainly in the east. Pepper comes from the dried fruit of a pepper plant.

What is black pepper?

Black pepper comes from a non ripened pepper plant. The fruit from the pepper plant is slightly cooked to clean it and then dried for several days. The result is black peppercorns.

What is white pepper?

White pepper comes from a ripened pepper plant. The fruit is soaked for about a week and then the outside is removed leaving the inner core or seed. This is known as white peppercorns.

What is green pepper?

Green pepper (like black pepper) also comes from a non ripened pepper plant. The method used for drying allows the fruit to keep its green colour. The result of this process is green peppercorns.

What is red (or pink) pepper?

Red (or pink) pepper comes from a different plant to black, white and green. Red pepper comes from an evergreen plant grown in South America. The plant is commonly known as ‘false pepper’.


Mixed peppercorns

 Mixed peppercorns 

Why is it best to use freshly ground peppercorns?

Peppercorns contain pepperin oil which gives pepper its flavour. The pepperin oil is released when the peppercorns are ground. By using freshly ground peppercorns you will retain this flavour leading to a better taste experience.


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